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ON-1 Vol. 4

Live Fashion Art Performance and Live Music Event

Tokyo, Japan, August 31st 2018
ON-1 Vol. 4 integrated a new range of performances and experiences as it continues to polish itself as a mainstay event to meet inspiring creative people wanting to scale up their craft with like-minded individuals. The event opened with an engaging performance by The Lady Spade [ link ], followed by fashion artist ShojonoTomo’s [ See Interview Here ]. The evening’s energy was keep flowing with the sounds and visuals provided by:

TOOWA2: VJ http://www.toowa2.com/
cheebou: Contemporary Dancer
Koshi “Roger” Matsuoka: Drums
Disco Romance: DJ

In addition to a new group of artists to add to the Collective was a new VR Creator’s experience which is set to be an on-going layer in the event. Led by VR engineer and new Collective member, Tanner Person, we will be encouraging artists, designers, and engineers to make engaging interactive experiences with collaborative output. The event also hosted the Big Face Box project designed by mastermind, Yuji Hayashi, of the Daily Z,