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ON-1 Vol. 3

Fashion Show and Live Music Event

Tokyo, Japan, July 13th 2018 — The ON-1 event series continued to improve and develop its offerings for the creative community by constructing a performance walkway for local fashion brands, aspiring models, and diverse genres of live music. Fashion brand MEEWEE [link] and fashion tech unit GYARUDEN [link] came together to form their first collaboration and shared the runway for an unforgettable evening. Otaku Street Wear [link] added a special taste of Shibuya styling with new looks for their latest season mixing pop-culture and modern stylings. Capturing every look of the show and the crowd throughout the night, was an automated photo booth provided by Blue Lion Tokyo [link] giving a high-resolution live snapshot of the event throughout the night.

Live Performance
33 @tamaki0207matsumoto
Arjuna @killa_arjuna

Sound and Visuals
DJ Teddy Robinson @teddyrobz
DJ SakiSakeKirai @sakisakekirai
VJ TOOWA II @toowa2_film_works