At ON-1, we are always focused on increasing accessibility to the creative professional networks we have in Tokyo. Keijiban is our periodical exhibition where we partner with a local space to introduce our community to the opportunities it has to offer. Whether it is a rental gallery, or a local screen printing spot, our goal is to showcase the space’s offerings through teaming up and sharing our latest projects. There’s nothing more gratifying than highlighting the supporters of Tokyo’s creative community and building lasting relationships through our work. 

A one take video production, live and in-person

Seeing a local artist perform live can be an inspiring moment that connects you to their music and performance beyond the track. As a production company, we want to bring our community into the process of what goes on behind the scenes of a full on video shoot. So instead of the usual live performance, set up the exhibition venue as a full music video stage complete with lights, props, and interactive elements. That way our guest become part of the experience and see beyond the final product. 


More than just a few pictures on the wall

At a Keijiban event, you'll find that our creators like blurring the lines between what a collaboration looks like. Whether its mashing up jewelry with a skateboard brand, or figuring out how to match projection mapping with traditional hand-drawn art, you'll find that every corner has an interesting conversation waiting to be discovered.

Something familiar, and something you have never seen

As creators we are naturally curious and oddly obsessed. That means at any Keijiban you're likely to see something that you might have thought was extinct. Tokyo attracts some of the rarest talent seeking a new take on their craftsmanship and to discover a new audience for pushing them into new territory.